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Joomee Song





Joomee Song is a Los Angeles-based esthetician, published author, and creator of the KAIKA™ facial massage, which she performs at her Brentwood studio, Faceworks. She’s dedicated more than two decades to the study of skin and over time, she noticed that the more her clients tried trendy treatments and products, the worse their skin became. This led to the creation of her own holistic method and skincare range that not only counteracts damage, but works to restore the baseline functions necessary for the long-term well-being of skin. Her goal is for people to realize that a healthy skin mechanism can deliver what any crème or facial gadget can achieve. Facial massage is the most fundamental anti-aging method that relies on nothing more than your own healing power. Her class will detail how to release tension, stimulate collagen and deliver nutrients to your skin for a healthy, more chiseled face.