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Dreu VanHoose



Hemp Grower

I am Dreu VanHoose, I am 28 Years old, and my company is VanHoose Hemp Co. I have been growing organic cannabis for 3 years now. VanHoose Hemp Co is a minority- and woman- owned family business offering organic, sustainable hemp products straight from our family farm to the community. Our facilities are located in Alabama with plants grown with organic soil and seeds. Our cannabis was crafted for those who are in need of a way to come back into their bodies and feel centered throughout the day. I want to continue to shed light and share in the healing benefits of hemp to create change. I first became interested in the healing properties of the hemp plant while in undergrad dealing with chronic back pain and spasms as well as anxiety. I began researching how the cannabinoids of the plant interact with our endocannabinoid system and from there I have been a cannabis advocate ever since. My previous planting experience is with household planting and outdoor community gardens as well as tending to my own personal cannabis grow where it is legal in Washington, DC. I am knowledgeable in the CBD, hemp sector from previously working at a CBD store in Washington, DC and creating and operating my hemp cultivation company “VanHoose Hemp Co.” I am excited to share my extensive knowledge of the hemp industry, hemp as an agricultural commodity, organic farming practices, and the cannabis cultivation process throughout my sessions.