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Dr. Ondre Seltzer


Intuitive Healer


Energy Medicine

Dr. Ondre is an internationally recognized Doctor of Naturopathic Spiritual Medicine and a renowned intuitive healer and medium. He has over 25 years of experience in energy medicine and holds several PhDs. Dr. Ondre is the founder of Frequency Energy Medicine™ and a noted formulator with several patents in the natural health field. He is also a certified Wellness Counselor and a consultant to the film industry. Born in the North of England, Dr. Ondre now travels internationally, consulting and lecturing on the power of energy-based therapies. He’s excited to join the Bright family and educate others on how to harness their own natural frequencies and discover incredible gifts for a purposeful and powerful life. Dr. Ondre is the force behind hundreds of success stories, including medical miracles and the careers of top celebrities. He has dedicated his life to creating hope, happiness, and healing in everyone he meets.