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Cesar Millan

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Dog Behaviorist
Public Speaker

With more than 25 years of experience and with his brand new TV show, “Better Human, Better Dog”, coming late Summer 2021; Cesar Millan is a household name and 3x Emmy nominated internationally acclaimed star of several hit TV series broadcasted and streamed in over 120 countries. A New York Times #1 best-selling author, and accomplished global public speaker, Millan is also an entrepreneur with an innovative product line including his widely popular and exclusive training courses under his Training Cesar’s Way brand. Cesar Millan is one of the most sought-after authorities in the field of dog behavior and rehabilitation. He is the only world renowned celebrity dog behaviorist and has taken it to another level with his mission through the Cesar Millan Foundation for better humans, better planet. Cesar believes that we should never work against mother nature. Through his teachings, millions of people have learned that energy is everything. He is committed to spreading his message of calm, confidence, love, and joy in everything we do. For Cesar, life should only be natural, simple, and profound, which is what you will find at his ever growing 43 acre paradise, the Dog Psychology Center in Santa Clarita. By understanding animals and nature, he has enabled himself to see humanity and understand all of its facets and complications. He's learned so much about man by studying our best friend. Cesar has grown into a pop culture phenomenon and a go to for many of today’s celebrities, athletes, world leaders, and entrepreneurs. From flattering parodies on “South Park” and “Saturday Night Live”; references on popular shows including “Jeopardy!” and “The Colbert Report”; and appearances on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” “Dr. Oz,” “The Today Show,” “The View,” and “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”; Cesar Millan can be found everywhere. 25 years into his journey, you will find Cesar only spreading more of his message and continuing to grow his massive social media following of over 15+ million people across the globe, adding new products under his belt, and launching more content across various platforms. Cesar moves forward in his journey with purpose and you can follow this journey at via his social media.